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Sleep Safe

Guest post by the Ounce of Prevention Fund of Florida

In recognition of Infant Mortality Awareness Month we encourage everyone to get involved and help reduce infant mortality rate by providing safe sleeping environments for our babies.  How do you do that?

Here are some tips from our “Sleep Right, Sleep Tight” public awareness campaign on how you can provide safe sleep for your baby:

  • Make sure your baby’s crib, bassinet, cradle, or side-car bed is undamaged and meets current Consumer Products Safety Commission standards.
  • Put baby’s crib, cradle or bassinet close to parent or caregiver’s bed for the first six months.
  • Place your baby face up to sleep; sleeping on the stomach or side increases the risk of suffocations.
  • Tell everyone who takes care of your baby about how to keep your baby safe during sleep.
  • Make sure the baby’s mattress is firm and fits snugly in its frame.
  • Make sure the baby’s sheet fits tightly around the mattress.
  • Keep the baby’s sleeping area away from all loose strings (i.e. blind cords, electrical cords and clothing)
  • Offer your baby a pacifier (never a bottle) when placing your baby down to sleep. The pacifier should not be put back into the baby’s mouth if it is spit out during sleep. If the baby does not want the pacifier, do not force it and never do anything to hold it in place.
  • Respond to your baby’s cries during the night.
  • Keep the room temperature of your baby’s sleeping area comfortable for a lightly clothed adult to keep baby from getting overheated.
  • Hang baby’s mobile out of baby’s reach and remove it once baby learns to sit up.
  • Lower baby’s mattress when your baby learns to sit, and again when they learn to stand to prevent baby from falling out of the crib.

Sleep safe!

Minutes away from the unimaginable

Guest post by a Florida mother of three daughters, ages 1, 2 and 4.

We were minutes away from the unimaginable as we experienced the scariest moment as parents the other night.

We were watching the Olympics as our girls were sleeping safe and soundly in their beds, or so we thought. Around 11:15 p.m., my 12-month-old daughter let out two blood-curdling cries I NEVER want to hear again. I ran to her room, knowing something was not right.

I found her completely trapped under her bumpers, strangled by the ribbons that tie them in place. I tried to pick her up, but it was wound so tightly around her neck I couldn’t move her. I screamed for my husband to grab scissors quickly as I continued to try and free her. Seconds seemed like hours as I watched her gasping for air. Somehow I managed to completely rip the ribbons from the bumper so I could pick her up and untangle her.

I never really understood why it was recommended to remove bumpers from cribs, but NOW I DO! As my girls got older, I figured they were big enough and strong enough to turn their heads, move, etc. to escape.  I NEVER even thought about strangulation from the ties.

I am just thankful she was able to let out those two cries so we could help her in time. I spent all night thinking up the “what ifs” and checking on all my babies.

So please, if you have babies … remove your bumpers and give them some extra cuddles today!