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No baby should have to go without diapers

Guest post by Judi, a homeowner in the Hunters Crossing neighborhood in Leon County.

Can you imagine … a baby without diapers? I have heard that one in five women in the U.S. cannot buy diapers for their child on a regular basis. For a third of U.S. women, purchasing diapers means cutting back on food or other urgent necessities. It breaks my heart that these children are suffering because their families are unable to meet even their most basic of needs.

So my neighborhood and I decided to do something about it.

My husband and I moved into a new neighborhood, Hunters Crossing, in North Florida last May. The neighborhood has several events throughout the year that helped us to quickly meet our new neighbors.  Several of us were talking one day and decided it would be good if our neighborhood planned some projects to help around our community.

We heard about Partners for Promise, a program through the Florida Department of Children and Families that connects organizations and businesses to members of their communities. I immediately called the North Florida contact person, Jeanna Olson, and set up an appointment.  Jeanna greeted me with pages full of needs and ways to help our community.

We decided to do a “baby shower” for the Brehon House, a facility in Tallahassee for homeless pregnant women and children.  She sent us a wish list, with diapers being the No. 1 item.  Our neighborhood was ON IT!  We donated more than 1,000 diapers in addition to baby wipes, toys and clothes. Some of us hadn’t shopped for babies in years – we had so much fun!

Through the many comments that I have received from my neighbors, one thing is clear: We feel like much better people because we are helping.  We are just one small neighborhood trying to make a small dent in helping those in need.  Can you imagine… if EVERY neighborhood did just one project?

Note: If you are struggling to provide necessities for your family, be sure to check out DCF’s ACCESS resources. You may be eligible for assistance.