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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Helen Ramaglia

    Helen Ramaglia is a former foster child who became a foster/adoptive mother. She is the founder and executive director of Fostering Superstars, a nonprofit for foster children. A recipient of the Angel in Adoption award, and is a popular speaker and advocate for foster children. She and her husband John live in Georgia where they are active in their church.

    As a former foster child I know how it feels to be alone – to feel lost – to feel hopeless and to feel helpless. I also know you can make a difference in the life of a foster child . . . I’ve been there.

    While my story is not unique, I want to share it in order to help the caring people of America walk in the shoes of a child who experiences physical, mental and emotional abuse, is removed from everything she knows, is provided a roof over her head by the State and strangers, and then is thrust into adulthood totally unprepared . . . but later succeeds. I want them to see, touch and feel what the abused/foster child suffers and why they are who they are. I want them to see the major gaps in the child’s life skills and social abilities and why they exist. We must walk in the child’s shoes in order to understand them. Only then will we be able to truly fill the enormous amount of needs they have and feel confident in adopting, fostering and working with foster children.

    We must fully understand the heart and life of a foster child before we can effectively foster, adopt or work with this vulnerable population of extraordinary children. I invite you to walk with me, and learn how it truly feels to grow up as ‘Nobody’s Child’. book to come out fall of 2012 – preview read of first three chapters on website.

    A little girl destined to failure, confined by abuse, and traumatized by foster care; is inspired by faith to succeed. From Foster To Fabulous.

    You have made it my friend, you are awesome and you rock. Singularly we can make small changes, but together, we can move mountains.

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