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A smart cookie

Guest post by the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida.

EEpicEmmanuel dropped his head when he saw his caseworker. “Did you hear about my GPA?” She answered, “No, did it drop below an A average?” Emmanuel then said in a very disappointed voice, “It’s a 4.3, but I’m working to get it up.”

Despite all of the adversities that Emmanuel has faced in his life, he has remained a positive and polite young man. Emmanuel aged out of the Florida foster care system in March of 2009, after having been in foster care for three years, and is today in the Independent Living Program. He has always been a smart cookie – graduating from Lely High School in May of 2009 with a 4.4 GPA.

He then went on to attend Colgate University, located in New York. Not only did he continue to keep his grades up, but he was also part of the Colgate Raiders football team, a team that went to the NCAA Division I Football Championship Subdivision playoffs in December of 2012. Emmanuel has also been a member of the Delta Upsilon Fraternity since 2011. He was very busy!

This month, Emmanuel will be graduating from Colgate University with a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Biology. As a persistent young man who continues to strive for success, he plans on continuing his education by pursuing a Master’s degree from a Florida university.

Emmanuel remains close with his foster parents who continue to support him as a young adult and whom he visits during school breaks. In fact, Emmanuel plans on returning to his previous foster parents’ home following graduation, temporarily, until he decides which state school he will attend for his master’s degree.  They are his family.

We look forward to following Emmanuel as he continues to grow and meets his goals – he has a very bright future ahead!