Welcome to Our Family, Elie!

Guest post by Heather Rosenberg, a foster and adoptive parent for almost five years. This is the third post in her blogging series.

photo 4

Warren and Elie, both born of Heather and her husband’s hearts through adoption.

After many emotional conversations, we both came to the conclusion that we could not break up siblings, and we would be the resource for the new baby if it were to be sheltered. We prepared our home for a new child and told our employers the news. Experience had shown us that you take a lot of time off with a new child (and both of us said goodbye to the possibility of any sleep ever again). Even though these adoptions were an emotional and physically draining rollercoaster, Bethanie, Dianna and Karen all played instrumental roles in our decision making process. These women pour everything in their job for the kids on their cases and helped us to recharge and stay in it for the long haul. I am forever grateful for these ladies.

The day we made the decision to take Elie into our home, Bethanie called with the exciting news of her early birth! My 3 year old and I went to pick her up. Upon our arrival we instantly fell in love with this little squishy baby that would find shelter in our home and love in our hearts. It was difficult to watch Elie’s parents struggle in changing the course of their destinies, but they began to understand that their children were going to be well cared for with our family. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you foster sometimes because you are so uplifted and encouraged by the gains the children in your home make but find such despair in knowing that their family story involves so much loss and pain.

photo 2

Adoption Day with the advocates who helped during the journey. Thank you!

A few months ago the judge announced the arrival of our Elie for the first time to the world and in the process made us a legal, forever family of five. Today our house is a little messier, our schedules are a little more hectic, we have less disposable cash and much more laundry to fold, but our family is exactly the way it was meant to be! The journey has not been easy for us—Evan and I have fussed and whined at and to each other. We’ve had sleepless nights as one or more of the kids have been sick, or teething, or experiencing night terrors for the first time. Our marriage has had to grow with our growing family.

I think back to the beginning of our foster care journey and I can’t help but think how much life has changed for my family in those short five years. We have three forever children now, have fostered a dozen children along the way and have made many friends who have fostered or adopted. But we also have seen the amazing capacity of the human spirit to thrive and rebound, and we’ve met three wonderful women who worked very hard to ensure the safety of one child, but ultimately ended up creating a loving family for his sister too! I think about all of this and know that my life is as it should be.

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