Guest post by Sara Davis, a 46-year-old single mom who today adopted three more foster children to complete her family of five.                         

Today, their adoption day, was so important to them that they wore their Christmas best!

Today, their adoption day, was so important to them that they wore their Christmas best!

I am a single mom. A 46-year-old single mom to five beautiful kids, none of which I carried in my tummy, but all of them I carried in my heart. People say it is unconventional. I say nothing is traditional anymore. We make our own traditions and they come in all colors, designs and sizes.

I remember the first day Ceinna asked me if she could call me mom. The first time Michael and Dominic made snow angels. Our first road trip together to visit my family in Alabama. I knew I was a mom the first time Vanessa fell asleep holding my hand. The specials things we look forward to doing together as a family are our traditions.

Vanessa and Gracie are my first-borns, in the sense that I adopted them first a few years ago. Today we could not be more thrilled for Ceinna, Michael and Dominic to officially join our family during Hillsborough County’s National Adoption Day.

People wonder how I manage with five kids all under the age of 10 and just me as the schedule juggler, master chef, problem-solver and comforter. I tell them I depend on friends, family, daycare and an understanding employer. I feel like every other biological parent.

I would encourage any single person to not let the stigma of single parenting scare you away from this incredible chance to be a parent to a child in need. Everywhere you look there are children who need someone. What if you were that someone?

For more information about adoption and children available for adoption in Florida, visit or call 1-800-962-3678. 

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