Knit together by birth and adoption

Guest post by Holly Lowmiller, a mother of adoptive and biological children in Niceville.

The beautiful Lowmiller children

The beautiful Lowmiller children. (Photo courtesy of Neda’s Notions Photography,

My family’s story starts when I was a single mother of a sweet boy. When my son Zane was 14 months old, I found myself suddenly parenting solo. On April 1, 2007, I married an amazing man named Brian. In addition to my beloved I also scored two wonderful bonus boys, my step-sons Mason and Carson. The Lowmillers were now a blended family of five.

Before Brian and I were married we spoke of the desire to grow our family. We were both very open to adoption so we agreed that is where we would start. I had a very strong desire to adopt from foster care, so we signed up to take the necessary classes to get our adoption home study. Taking those classes opened our eyes to the need for foster families in our community.

After much deliberation, we decided to open our hearts and home to children needing a loving family for perhaps a day, a week or forever. We had several little loves come and go but in November 2009, our Naomi came at 6 months old and stayed forever. We were thrilled to have our sweet daughter join our family.

Two years later we received a call on a Monday morning that Naomi’s birth parents delivered a baby girl the day before. I was asked if we would consider being a forever family for her. I called my husband at work to pose the big question and my amazing husband asked, “Another daughter, a baby sister for Naomi?” He then said, “Yes! Call and tell them yes!”

Two days later I brought Phoebe Violet home from the hospital. Adoption has blessed our family beyond measure!

For more information about adoption and children available for adoption in Florida, visit or call 1-800-962-3678.

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