Growing families

Guest post by First Lady Ann Scott.

First-Lady-Official-Photo1The Governor and I have been so honored to travel the state and meet with families from all over Florida.  During my travels, I have been privileged to visit schools and share my passion for reading with students. These visits always remind me about raising my own children. When asked my greatest accomplishment in life, there is never a doubt in my mind that the answer is working with Rick to raise our two daughters and provide them with a loving and supportive family.

Over the past few months, the Governor and I have been blessed to see our daughters begin families of their own. In early August, our daughter Allison and her husband Pierre welcomed our second grandson, Quinton. Then in September, our daughter Jordan and son-in-law Jeremy welcomed their first child and our third grandson, Sebastian. Both of these new additions are so precious. As our daughters raise children of their own, we are reminded of what a blessing an encouraging and caring family can be. Every child deserves to know this kind of love and support.

Since January 2011, Florida has finalized adoptions for more than 8,400 foster children. My heart is touched by the compassion shown by our state over the last three years. However, there are still approximately 750 children without an identified family available for adoption from foster care in Florida.

November is National Adoption Month and by visiting Explore Adoption at or calling 1-800-96-ADOPT, you can meet Florida’s foster children hoping to find a family of their own. As the holidays approach, I encourage you to consider if you, or someone you know, could open your hearts and homes to one of these children, and help them find a forever family.

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