Super Marta

 Guest post by Brent Hobbs, Adoptions Care Manager with Camelot Community Care in partnership with Eckerd Community Alternatives.

Marta and her friend

Marta and her friend

Marta was born a healthy child. When she was just 1 year old, she was involved in a horrific car accident. Her mother rode in a car with Marta on her lap and the little girl was ejected from the car leaving her brain damaged, blind, deaf and wheelchair bound. Doctors said she would require lifelong care. Her mother gave her custody to the State of Florida.

Marta came into care with Camelot Community Care in 2008. We searched and found a forever family in Nebraska who saw a picture of Marta and knew she belonged to them. Unfortunately, many people believe that when you have special needs like Marta, adoption is not a possibility. But, boy did Super Marta bust that myth!

I hear from Marta’s adoptive mother from time to time. Marta is now a first grader and a chatterbox. She talks the entire two blocks to school most mornings! Marta’s medical needs are still great, but with the love and caring from her forever family, the horizon looks promising. Marta has a stander and a walker, which she loves to stand in. Her mother also tells me she is starting to take some steps while in her walker, but only when she is in the mood – Marta does possess a certain stubborn streak.

The super exciting news is that Marta is not blind after all! She is extremely near-sighted and has astigmatism, but she can see! She has new pink glasses and actually gets upset when her para-professional at school takes them off to clean them. Can you imagine it? A life of darkness and now all of a sudden light and sight. I wouldn’t want those glasses to come off either! :)

Marta is special, in a superhero-type of way. A story like Marta is why we are in this profession. This story, and so many others like it, makes our hearts smile!

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