A Year of Faces and Places

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to thank you for visiting our blog and show appreciation for our guest bloggers. We hope the blog posts have introduced you to thoughtful real-life stories and useful information.

 Here’s a compilation our top five blog posts this year. They’re good reading if you have some down time this week:

1.       Miles of Smiles Brought to the State Fairgrounds

Wade Shows carnivals and the Florida State Fair Authority hosted about 13,000 foster, adopted, and disadvantaged youth at the fairgrounds. This amazing blog post comes from the daughter of  Wade Show’s owner.

2.       A Child Born from the Heart

An adoptive father tells the story of his adopted son, including his son saying, “My sister Sami came from mommy’s belly, and I came from mommy’s heart.”

3.       Who is Your Emily?

One of our staff tells a story about a young girl, Emily, in an effort to inspire and help other DCF  staff cope with working with abused, neglected children. This one puts everything in perspective.

4.       They’ve Found Forever Families

This blog is a brief, first-person account actual adoption ceremonies for several families during November’s National Adoption Month. Highlights include remembering an adoptive grandmother exclaiming, “I’m about to be a new grandma!”

5.       Two Teens. Two Worlds Apart

A young lady talks about meeting a refugee and learning about his life before he came to the    U.S. – making her very thankful for the comforts of her own childhood. “His uncle from Germany would send his family money so they could eat. Mine sent me money for holidays and    birthdays that I saved for my prom dress.”

We hope you have enjoyed our blog this year and look forward to bringing you even more posts in 2013. If you are interested in being a guest blogger about a topic related to DCF’s services, please email dcfsocial@dcf.state.fl.us.

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