They’ve found forever families

Post by DCF Director of Digital Media and Outreach Niki Pocock.

Niki Pocock

Yesterday was a great day in Florida. Eleven children joined their forever families. Adoption ceremonies and events are happening all over Florida this month and each one is quite emotional.

Since my one-year anniversary at DCF is coming up, this was my first opportunity to attend one of these heart-touching events. I’m glad my coworkers told me to wear waterproof mascara!

Here are the moments that got to me the most:

  • The judge asked a little boy to point to his mom and dad. He pointed to his adoptive mother and father.
  • Adoptive mother gave her new children rings to symbolize their unity as a family, just like a wedding ring.
  • An adoptive grandmother exclaimed, “I’m about to be a new grandma!”
  • Therapy dogs were at the court so the kids could visit them if the stimulation of the event got to be too much. It was amazing how the kids instantly calmed down as soon as they touched the dogs.
  • An elder sister, 22, adopted her three younger sisters and said, “We love each other so much. We are all we’ve got.” (there were many tears for this one!)
  • An adopted child says, “I still love my birth mom, even though she couldn’t protect me. But I’m happy to have a family that loves and takes care of me now.”

I’m so happy for all the children in Florida who have found their forever homes! If you are interested in adoption, please visit Explore Adoption for more info.

She just joined her forever family!


"I'm going to be a new grandma!"

Oldest sister (far left) adopts her three younger sisters. A very emotional moment!


A new family!

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