Crying for the Innocent

Guest post by DCF Director of Digital Media and Outreach Niki Pocock.

Niki Pocock

Every day in November, DCF will be featuring three wonderful foster children in need of forever families. As the social media gal at DCF, I struggle to put their lives into 140 characters in the hopes their future family will click on the link. Most days, I cry.

It is no secret that I am a crier: Exhibit A. I cry while posting the majority of our blog posts, even if they highlight good stories. These kids looking for families – something I always took for granted growing up – those are the stories that really get to me. And now as a mother myself, my heart aches for these children.

They didn’t ask to be abused or neglected. They are innocent victims born into tragedy. All they want is a family that will always be there for them. A family that will take them to see “The Avengers” movie. A family that will go their baseball games and recitals. A family that believes in them.

Many of the kids never find a family. DCF has great programs to help them transition into adulthood, but it isn’t the same as a family. It is no substitution for unconditional love.

I encourage you to check out this month’s Amazing Children. If you have room in your heart and home, please consider adopting or even mentoring a child by reaching out to the adoption specialist in your area. You could completely change their life.

2 thoughts on “Crying for the Innocent

  1. Ruthann

    Praying daily that a caseworker will finally answer an inquiry and ask for our homestudy so we can actually get the ball rolling. We keep submitting…no one’s answering. Kids are waiting for homes…a home and parents are waiting…Wondering if possibly someone is slipping somewhere.

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