Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Guest post by DCF Child Care Program Office.

This Halloween, don’t let sugar highs haunt your dreams – here are five fun easy tips to a Happy and Healthy Halloween for all this October 31:

Halloween Night:

  1. Try to eat a healthy meal before going trick or treating. This way kids have a healthy start to their night and the temptation to snack is reduced (for you and the kids!). Here is a great idea for fun, quick and healthy Halloween Quesadillas we put together with Fresh from Florida Kids. It is orange and black and has a spider web – the kids will love it!
  2. Get active! Make a game of trick or treating by setting a goal of how many houses you hope to go to and see who reaches it first. Always carry a flashlight and walk to each house instead of running.
  3. Determine how many pieces of candy you will allow your child to eat on Halloween before you head out. When you get home, be like Sesame Street’s Count Dracula and help young kids count their candy when they get home. Eat only factory- wrapped treats.
  4. Angel costumes are heavenly and ghost costumes bring a fright, but they could be dangerous on Halloween night! Long, flowy costumes are a fire and fall hazard. But also try to avoid long, sharp pretend swords – opt instead for short, flexible ones. And consider face painting instead of masks, which can make it hard to see in the dark. Also see if you can make reflective tape a part of costumes.
  5. Be careful around ghouls and goblins you don’t know. Do not accept rides from strangers and only enter houses with an adult you know.

Have a happy, safe Halloween!

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