There are angels among us

Guest post by Amy Larson, who was helped through DCF Central Region’s Homeless 2 Home program

The Larson family in their new home

My family recently went through one of the worst experiences of our lives: Homelessness. We lost our apartment due to the loss of employment and serious illness. This landed us in a motel. Never knowing what was coming next to how to keep even that roof over our heads.

This is when we were introduced to Ms. Anna O’Brien, coordinator of Homeless 2 Home in DCF’s Central Region. I consider her my angel. She immediately got to work finding donations for clothes and personal items we desperately needed. And she got me connected with some organizations that helped me find a full-time job at a very good company. And we were relocated to a wonderful three-bedroom apartment.

Life is still a bit of an adjustment, but at least now my family has a life to be proud of.

Thank you to Anna and all of the angels that helped her along the way.


Organizations that helped the Larson family include Southern Affordable Services and Westgate Resorts Foundation, who are DCF Partners for Promise. In addition, A Child at Heart offered services.

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